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The Row For Freedom team are in 11th position


With 2,335 miles to go, all the teams are faring well and it is full steam ahead.

Covered in salt and embracing their new surroundings for the next month, Box Number 8 are in first position.  The group of six servicemen, from Row 2 Recovery are not far behind, in second, and definitely have their sights on first place. Atlantic 4 took third position after battling it out with Spirit of Cornith who are currently sitting on fourth place. To keep up to date with the excitement that is unfolding throughout the weekend, keep watching the teams here 

The girls are rowing strong and are in high spirits. The Row For Freedom team have leapt into 11th position on just the third day. With the wind behind them, the team of five are chasing down the other teams with full gusto and have six other crews behind them.

The new team of five have had to adjust to new shift patterns as well as their new home at sea. The girls are having two sets of two, where Debbie is the floater. This means that she will join each shift adding an additional hour for her to row each day. The experience so far for the girls has been one of breathtaking views, starry nights and countless cups of teas.

4 Response to “The Row For Freedom team are in 11th position ”
Andy Halliwell
December 9, 2011
10:27 pm

Comment :

countless cups of tea????This must be the right boat for Helen leigh!!! WHOOOOP!! Go on girls, have it!!! xxx

December 10, 2011
8:17 am

Comment :

Up to 9th on the website! Keep it up!!!! x

December 11, 2011
8:15 am

Comment :

Am sure by now,you are tired sore feeling the impact of the task ahead! you have been totally amazing so far. I find myself wondering what position you would be in if you had set out on monday with the rest of the crews. Am so prowd of you all. Thinking of you constantly!

Love Mum

December 13, 2011
2:43 pm

Comment :

One week down and you’re making great progress! You guys are doing so well. Hope you get the auto helm working…keep up the awesome effort you’re putting in. Thinking of you all xo
(ps: hope Kate or Helen haven’t needed to use the spoon yet! Lol ;)

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